frequently asked questions

  • What's your weather policy on outdoor events?

    A great majority of our events are done outdoors! To ensure our players' instruments are protected from possible damage to the elements during performance, we've implemented the following policies: We require the outdoor temperature to be at least 50 degrees. Unfortunately, we cannot commit to any outdoor performance that has a temperature that falls below this threshold. We cannot perform without coverage if it is raining. Generally, venues will have a rain plan in place to address this situation. Please consult with your venue to see what they have in place and let us know what they've communicated to you. We'll come up with a plan that works!

  • How do you tailor your music to suit the event?

    We love working with our clients to craft the ultimate memorable experience. Energy, imagination, focus, and fun are our central tenets. We offer unlimited consultation for the duration of our services. Hop on a call with us any time if you have any questions or need any guidance with planning your event!

  • Can you learn new music for our event?

    We love adding to our repertoire and constantly seek to expand our horizons with what we can offer our clients. If you'd like to request something new (not yet in our rep list), we will research the music already available from third-party vendors and let you know the purchase price. If an arrangement isn't out there, we can make a custom one. Custom arrangements come at a per-request rate.

  • When will the setlist need to be finalized for my event?

    We'd like the setlist to be finalized a month out from the performance date. This ensures that the players will receive the music in a timely manner and will have enough time to prepare their parts.

  • For weddings, will you be available to run through the music at the rehearsal or before the wedding date?

    We can't guarantee the availability of our players beyond the wedding date due to their performance schedules. Talk to us and we'll do our best to come up with a plan if you feel strongly about having musicians present for the wedding rehearsal. We ask for $100 per musician if they're able to come to the rehearsal or if they put forth additional practice time with a church organist, for instance.

  • Do you provide PA setups for the players? Do you provide mics for the officiant, speakers, etc.?

    We have a PA setup (Mackey mixer, The Band pickups, QSC K8 speaker) available for our players. At this time we do not offer mic setups for other members of the event team. Managing additional microphones will require someone behind a mixer during the event to monitor the mic levels and adjust them reactively; we want our focus to remain on our players and the timing of our music during the event, which is of paramount importance.

  • How do you determine your performance rate?

    The rate is determined by the number of players hired and the duration of the performance. For wedding ceremonies, we provide 30 minutes of prelude music, music during the ceremony, and 5 to 10 minutes of postlude / recessional music for a flat fee. Additional performance time is calculated by the hour. For private events, the rate is calculated by the hour and the number of players.